Luxus Hair Extensions is 100% transparent when it comes to sourcing our human hair extensions for yourself and your guest. Over years Luxus has tried and tested hundreds of batched hair from around the world with many failures. With the hair extensions industry being a 7 billion dollar unregulated industry you're bound to come across things that just don't sit right or you cant turn a blind eye to. The black market for hair extension is a grisly place that most don't even like to think about or how their lushes hair came to be. Working conditions in foreign countries was a major concern for us as a company, We striving to provide standard working conditions across the globe with our international partners. Luxus as a company chooses to put the quality and ethics of human life above all others.

Luxus Hair Extensions manufacturer factories are located in Ukraine & Russia . Our hair is hand-picked from each donor by a hair specialist. Hair receiving points are organized in local hair salons, Women of different ages who want to sell their precious tails just bring them to the collectors. Each tail is being thoroughly checked and hygienically treated. Each donor is given a beautiful new style as well as paid fair market value for their hair,  an ethical wage to the donors may in return help support their family in a small ways such as food, sports, medical expenses ect.

Luxury Collection 

  • 100% Slavic Hair
  • 1 Donor Bundles
  • Full Cuticle
  • No sealers or Silicone
  • 12+ Month Life

 Our main goal is to make millions of women worldwide happy with long, beautiful, healthy and silky hair, and to proof that high-quality hair extensions are affordable for everybody while maintaining and ethical standard with in the industry.