Luxus is a high end boutique style salon based in Grande Prairie, AB with a second Kelwona, BC location coming in 2022 .  It was established by a stylist for stylists looking for a unique approach to fill the wishes and needs of their sophisticated clientele.  Luxus salon owner is an active hands on stylist working in the studio with many clients a day. Luxus has sourced many products with different companies over the years and found there was a void in the market to provide both stylists and guests with top quality ethically sourced products that would last and meet the expectations of Luxus clientele.

Luxus is a team based salon with a mix of both booth renters & employees but that doesn't stop them from working as a team when it comes to creating the best experience for thier guest. Guest are greeted with a luxury atmosphere and looked at as an individual when meeting there individual hair goals.

Luxus offers ethically sourced premium Slavic human hair extensions directly from Ukraine .  When purchasing Luxus extensions you’re not only purchasing high quality hair for your clients but you are also supporting families of the worker/donor who help create these top quality hair products.  All donor and factory  workers are paid fair and ethical wages and all measures of dignity and respect are used when receiving hair products from the donor.  

Luxus as a forward thinking company is striving to change the industry standards by purchasing premium high quality hair products that are sourced ethically,  to stop poor work condition, child sweatshops, unfair wages/payment, human harm and illegal profits.  

Luxus Slavic hair will fit seamlessly to the customer's natural hairline with the look and feel of natural hair. All of our signature packages are handcrafted for each individual client. Slavic hair is sourced from Ukraine , 1 Donor, Alive cuticle, 70%-90% Double Drawn, no frizz and natural shine, NO SILICONE or sealers, all hair is REMY, 30 Day quality certificate is offered with all orders when purchasing Luxus Hair Care line.

Luxus custom products have a processing time of 7-10 business day’s before shipment as we do not mass produce as we choose to offer our customers quality hand crafted products over quantity. Salon Custom/ bulk orders are excepted upon request, please contact us directly for quotes.

*Licensed Professional discounts are available with no minimum order purchase. Please fill out our professional discount form located under products tab on main page.