Luxus Hair Extensions is striving to bring stylist the best quality hair extensions on the market for our guest. Luxus is 100% transparent when it come to how our hair is manufactured and were our hair is harvested, as ethically sourced hair and working pratices is our main priority.

When purchasing from Luxus Hair Extensions LTD. you are supporting family based business not just in Canada but across the globe, you are supporting families and lively hoods abroad. 

Our Lux Luxury collection is harvested and collected in the heart Ukraine & Russia, only virgin unprocessed hair is selected from donors, One full donor per bundle, double drawn, live cuticle intact and NO sealers or silicones. All hair is harvested in a professional salon or approved collection point were the donors are given a proper wash cut and style. After their hair is harvested the donor is then paid the agreed upon fee in there harvest contract, The hair is then tagged with ID harvest tag and sent to our factory in a village outside the city of Sofia, UK or Moscow, RA for processing and manufacturing.

The love, care, ethics, quality and time that goes into creating our products is what makes them unique and higher price pointed due to all these elements. Our pricing is a reflection of our quality which is second to none.  


Our factory employs full-time hair specialist who are dedicated to the the craft, each specialist is fully trained by head supervisor in there area of expertises such as sewing, hand-tiring, shorting, coloring, wigs and toppers, each area of our factory is unique and has unique employees who are dedicated to creating quality. Employees work shift from 7:00am to 3:00pm daily Monday to Friday with weekends and stat holidays off, they also receive independent holidays through out the year. Employees are entitled to a 1 hour lunch break and two 15 minute breaks daily through out their shift. Average working age is between 18-45 for most employees in the factory, as they do not allow minors to work in the factory for safety purposes.